P-412MU troposcatter communication station


Troposcatter solutions serve for installing one-hop and multi-hop wireless communication networks.

During wartime, this type of communication links provides reliable long-range military communications as an alternative to satellite communications (for tactical and strategic purposes). The tropospheric scatter transmission successfully serves to command and to control military facilities.

P-412MU system ensures secure and flexible communication networks in condition of electromagnetic interference due to narrow beam antennas, sophisticated methods of troposcatter signal processing, mechanism of jam-protection to eliminate interfering signals, and method of broadband transmission.

During peacetime, the mobile digital troposcatter communication stations are used as a convenient stopgap communication solution to be installed in difficult to get in locations (e.g., marshlands, water obstacles, forest, desert or mountain area). It is also in demand in case of the environmental emergencies like earthquake, flood, other natural disasters, when the traditional wireline communication channels are not available or out of operating.

P-412MU systems for digital troposcatter communication (stationary and mobile) are being modernized in partnership with Comtech Systems Inc. (US), the world leader in troposcatter solutions.