Р-414MU MOBILE radio relay station

The complete SET OF THE station includes 4 TRUCKs:

  • Apparatus 1 (to organize the trunk communication);
  • Apparatus 2 (for branches of communication channels);
  • Mobile antenna system (mast height - 30 m, capable of installing up to 4 antenna devices);
  • Carrier (to transport the cables and the rigging equipment).

Except radio relay system, the box body vans are provided with modern digital satellite communication equipment, Wi-Fi, switches and routers. The complete set could be revised upon the customer's request.

The radio relay station is built on ZIL-131 automobile chassis, but could be adapted to the customer's transport base.

Main technical characteristics

Station frequency range from 5 GHz
Data transfer rate up to 500 Mbit/s
Remote alignment of the antenna in azimuth and elevation
Automatic adjustment of the antenna to the correspondent
Configuration 1+0, 1+1