Radio Relay and Troposcatter Communication Systems

Digital radio relay stations

P-425C3 radio relay station serves for communication purposes providing local digital communication links. It ensures the digital information transmitting and receiving with up to 155 Mbit/s data rate in the (6.4÷7.1) GHz frequency range, service traffic, remote signalizing, and remote control.

Transmitter power is 30 dB at 128 QAM.

Length of communication link half-open interval is more than 40 km.

Automatic antenna redundancy is according to the ‘1+1’ redundancy scheme.

Р-425С3 station transmits Ethernet signals 10/100 Base T, E1 digital carriers (G.703), mixed TDM+IP traffic.



Portable P-414MУ radio relay station solves to install the wireless multi-hop backbone networks, and also to derive bit rates.

P-414MУ station ensures more than 40 km of half-open interval’s length of communication link in the (6.4÷7.1) GHz frequency range at 30 m antenna hoisting height, and more than 30 km interval’s length in the (14.4÷15.4) GHz frequency range at 20 m antenna hoisting height.

Data transmission rate of the wireless multi-hop backbone network in the (6.4÷7.1) GHz frequency range transmits more than 155 Mbit/s.

Data transmission rate of the radio relay branch lines is up to 34 Mbit/s in the (14.4÷15.4) GHz frequency range.

Р-414МУ station consists of:

  • apparatus А1М1;
  • apparatus М2М1;
  • antenna system M2 (using Sosna-type or Unzha-type of antenna masts);
  • transport vehicle.
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