Radio Relay and Troposcatter Communication Systems

Electrical Measurement Laboratory

VAT Olimp electrical measurement laboratory tests the devices as follow:

  • power transformer (maximum voltage is 10 kV). We carry out the insulation resistance test, the direct current winding resistance measurement, the turns ratio test, overpotential test (overvoltage), transforming oil testing;
  • cable power lines of voltage 1 kV, 3-10 kV, up to 1 kV. Our laboratory provides overpotential test, insulation resistance test;
  • overhead power transmission line earthing devices (grounding arrangments) of voltage higher than 1000 V, overhead power lines of voltage up to 1000 V, non-overhead electrical facilities. The Laboratory carries out current spreading resistance measurement of grounding devices, grounding circuit step and touch measurement, measurement of the resistance between earthing device and earthed electric equipment.
  • electric devices and apparatus, secondary circuits and wiring at a voltage up to 1000 V. We conducts insulation resistance test, overpotential test, grounding circuit step and touch measurement;
  • protection circuits (measurement of the current flowing through the item (product), test voltage, test period).
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