Radio Relay and Troposcatter Communication Systems


VAT Olimp uses the modern technologies and required equipment to manufacture the products and to provide the services. Our facility consists of the machinery and complex equipment such as:

  • turning machines, including auto lathes and computer numerical control (CNC) turning machines;
  • milling machines, including general-purpose milling machines, horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines and CNC milling machines;
  • drilling and boring machines;
  • grinding machines;
  • pressing equipment;
  • rubber and plastic details manufacturing equipment;
  • loading platforms equipped with elevating mechanisms (hoisting cranes, cathead tower cranes, loading trucks);
  • equipment, designed for manufacturing and parameter checkout of radio electronic systems, including conveyers to assemble printing circuit boards, equipped workstations of radio electronic devices installers, equipped workstations of equipment adjusters, vibrating tables, climatic chambers, specific measuring devices and instruments.

VAT Olimp complex radio equipment production applies the mechanical and radio engineering processes. The technological specifications of these processes are implemented into radio assembling and installing, metal blanking and processing, mechanical assembling, stamping, welding, thermal processing, tool making, plastic and rubber components manufacturing, wood processing, printing and testing service.

The company is also equipped to manufacture and test the high frequency microwave units, including complete climatic and mechanical testing.

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