Radio Relay and Troposcatter Communication Systems


Constituency: we appreciate our partners and consumers. The people we are working with make us develop and improve our production facility. The customers’ feedback provides the real picture of our business.

Technological progress: we accept the challenges of current technological market and always stay in the loop of innovative communication system and technologies. The certified Electrical Laboratory and Metrological Laboratory are functioning at the base of the VAT Olimp Company in accordance with European specifications.

Quality: we are interested in long-term partnership including installation of our products (radio relay systems, troposcatter communication systems etc.) and further service (digital communication systems enhancement, post-guarantee repair service). Thus, the quality and safety of the products, we manufacture, is the critical success factor to achieve business benefit and to maintain our leading position.

Team spirit: we are proud to say that the team we have joint is the most important value of our company. Our team consists of the qualified engineers, designers, scientists, researchers, constructors and other experts of management and production process.

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