Radio Relay and Troposcatter Communication Systems

Radio assembling manufactory

VAT Olimp radio assembling manufactory provides services, among which are:

  • print devices assembling and soldering (printed circuit boards);
  • manufacture of the high frequency cables (RK) and low frequency cables (connecting cable, power cable, control cable);
  • wiring harnesses design and manufacturing: cable assemblies for different types of equipment (control cabinets, desks, frames, panels etc.);
  • fitting and assembling of blocks, devices, cabinets, panels etc.
  • checking and adjustment of radio and electric equipment.
  • device and equipment testing service using hot test chamber, cold test chamber and moisture chamber. We also provide vibration testing, impact resistance and environmental resistance testing (hoar-frost and dew resistance test).

The metrological laboratory is functioning at the base of VAT Olimp enterprise. It is equipped with radio measuring devices, electrical measuring instruments and line measuring equipment. Also, our accredited electrical measurement laboratory may be used for the radio manufactory purposes.

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