Radio Relay and Troposcatter Communication Systems

Tropospheric scatter communication station

VAT Olimp Ltd. is an exclusive developer and manufacture of digital tropospheric scatter communication systems and portable antenna masts (with antenna guys) for commercial and military applications. The company qualified staff, using appropriate machinery and specific equipment, manufacture the products in accordance with Military Specifications and Standards.

In peacetime the portable digital troposcatter radio links are usually used as a convenient stopgap communication solution to be installed in difficult to get in locations (e.g., marshlands, water obstacles, forest, desert or mountain area). And also it is in demand in case of the environmental emergencies (e.g., earthquake, flood and other natural disasters), when the traditional wireline communication channels are not available or out of operating.

During wartime this type of communication links provides reliable long-range military communications as an alternative to satellite communications. The tropospheric scatter transmission successfully serves to command and to control military facilities. Military forces buy troposcatter facilities for tactical and strategic communications..

VAT Olimp troposcatter communication systems engage in competition with the Worlds leaders on the market platform of digital communication technology because of its security and flexibility.

Our troposcatter systems ensure secure communication networks rather in condition of electromagnetic interference due to narrow beam (directional) antennas, sophisticated methods of troposcatter signal processing, mechanism of jam-protection to eliminate interfering signals, and method of broadband transmission.

Troposcatter communication system parameters



Frequency range (MGz)


Operating frequencies


Operating frequency step (MGz)


Repetition factor of the reception


Noise ratio of data receiving device (dB)

up to 4

Transmitter power output (W)

more than 1500

Data transmission rate (kbit/s)

512, 1024, 2048

Ethernet traffic

10/100 Base-T

Service channels


Length of the interval (km)


Haul (km)


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